Welcome to BODYATTACK™ 24

This tape is a reinforcement of our basic BODYATTACK™ principles: very simple choreography that is athletic and has great feel with the music.

We have continued the development of our signature tracks so that every track is distinct in purpose and feel and consistency between tapes. In this spirit we have banished grapevines from BODYATTACK™ warmups. This is so that our first track is always straightforward and easy to follow for EVERYONE and we hope this brings more people off the street and into your classes. Our aim is to have no one walk out of a BODYATTACK™ class when it starts because they were intimidated by unfamiliar aerobic moves.

Our squat recovery this tape has a boxing personality as we continue to involve sports-related moves in BODYATTACK™ choreography. We hope you enjoy it as much as our classes (and Mark and Brett!) did.

And we bring you a new variation on the hover in our Abdominals and Obliques track.

Have fun, and as always, we love to get your responses.

Brett, Donna and Mark