Big moves and big energy will push your energy levels through the roof as you power through our latest cardio blast. We've got an awesome new class for all you ultra-fitness fans. Open your heart is the warmup track to set up the first of our two cardio blocks. Now's the time to set your personal workout goals and choose the intensity level to suit. Raising the heart rate is the name of the game in the mixed impact tract and you'll feel like reaching for the sky to this great disco beat. Then is time to "pump for love" with the Rhythm Twins and their mega hit From Paris to Berlin. Our first peak will leave you gasping for breath but with plenty left for some upper body conditioning - the main focus here is the walking plank! The 2nd cardio block kicks off with Pure Essence and agility training to the fired up rhythm of Pretty Vegas from OneZeroOne. Strength and stamina are in high demand to get ou up nd over the 2nd cardio peak. Then it's all downhill as we round out the workout with core conditioning and a great cooldown to Nickelback's Far Away. Love this class!