Think supersonic jets, high-powered race cars and juggernaut trucks. This class is all about raw energy and power and taking a short cut to your personal fitness peak. Instructors show the way with simple cues for simple moves and options for every body. High-octane music and group dynamics do the rest, as member's power through 55 minutes of ultra intense cardio work and challenging upper and lower body conditioning. Lisa lights the fuse on the new class with a huge track from Charlotte Chadwick- You Just Got to Be There as we get the muscles warmed up and the heart rate pumping. Then keep the heart rate rising through a thumping mixed impact track- the Madonna Hit, Hung Up - and mix some passion with the power in the upbeat Brazil. Fitness fans take the plyometric route to their first cardio peak with the big club favourite, Everybody on the Floor, then switch the focus to the core for some challenging upper body conditioning work (add the pulses to the presses for a little extra burn!) Loosen up with a running start to the second cardio block and test your agility through the rhythmic Way to Go. Then set your cardio dial on 'medium', 'tough', or 'max' as you clap and kick through a huge interval training track to the sound of Everytime We Touch. Jumping jacks are in the house for the final power peak where you deep dig for your last big push. Then balance out the workout with lower body conditioning and a final stretch. Congratulations! You made it.