New moves and patterns are the standout features of the new class. They'll drive your energy levels through the roof and your heart rate into overdrive.

There's lots of options for all fitness levels so grab your gear and let's get ready to party!

Lisa lights the fuse with a big opening track from Southern Light, This is the World We Live In and goes straight into the first of our new moves, the gallap square in the mixed impact track. It's a challenging innovation and it's heaps of fun.

Check out the suffle combo in the aerobic track (Work Me Down is a golden-oldie rocker that really drives the class); then change up a gear as Rock Beat takes the house to a big plyometric peak.

Superman is the name of the first conditioning track and your chance to challenge your core with the new, 2-point superman move. Next up is the running track, which we are doing in lines this time just to keep everyone on their toes!

More changes in the agility track - the new forward and back three-step runs feel great but will also challenge members to execute it properly. Then the action goes ballistic as we build to the sound of Like the Sun and bring back a favourite from earlier classes, The Real Thing. This peak is way over the top!

A new Slow Step lunge move puts a virtual blowtorch on the legs in the Lower Body/Core Conditioning track, followed by sweet relief with the Cooldown and Sexy Love.