The scene shifts from disco club to volleyball court and running track-with plenty of action in between- in a great new release that's high on novelty, variety, energy and fun. Two sky high peaks will take your fitness to the next level, with great conditioning work to shape and tone those muscles. Upbeat songs from Scissor Sisters and Phuntune get the action underway in Warm Up and Mixed Impact tracks that get the heart rate up, ahead of a full on aerobic blast with Laser Light from Colorbox. Then we head for the virtual volleyball court and a fired up plyometric workout that should be made complusory training for energetic sports! Lisa has introduced a fun corkscrew move in the Upper body conditioning track. It's focussed on core stability and side oblique strengthening, as well as shoulder, arm and leg strength. Check out the pendulum swings in the running track and have fun with the split room agility work. Kopykatz's Bad Day and Maximum's Papa Was A Rolling Stone are perfect for the program and add a special dimension to this part of the workout. The pace builds through interval training and Wanna Be Free to reach a second, red hot peak with Nowhere Fast. The music gets faster and the intensity goes off the scale as BodyAttack delivers the ultimate 'exertainment' experience.