This class is about opening the door to new participants - while giving experienced members their full measure of supercharged fitness fun. Instructors get behind-the-scenes tuition in introducing the program to newcomers and in teaching the full range of options in the new release.

The instructor education is focused on having first-timers understand the importance of going hard to experience the addictive endorphin kick that comes with BODYATTACK - yet working within their limits and making the adjustments necessary to suit their own fitness levels. They can do this in three ways; firstly by adjusting the time spent working out (doing just part of the class is fine for newbies); secondly by taking the low impact options or leaving out the jumps altogether and thirdly, by shortening the range of motion used in the moves.

Beginners can reduce the workout intensity to a more manageable level by lowering their knee lifts, for example, or travelling a shorter distance in the Supermans and Skaters. Instructors should also explain to newcomers that the cardiovascular system responds faster to training than the muscles and tendons. New participants may need to gradually build up these tissues so they can keep up with more rapidly strengthening cardio system.

BODYATTACK 57 has everything for regular participants - and it's great for learners, too!