This is a rocket-powered class that will send your fitness levels sky-high. We've got some wicked new movement patterns and lots of different music styles where you can sing along with top 40 hits and hook into the rock songs that'll drive you to your personal power peaks.

High Enough To Dream is a great opening song to getyou into the essence of BODYATTACK. It's a passionate, motivating and has a strong beat to engage the athletic feel of the class. La La is a huge aerobic track that brings the class alive. The energy really kicks in with double knee and single knee combinations, supermans and jacks.

The lyrics of Walk This Way, the upper body conditioning track, describe the movements and will definitely motivate! When it says "walk this way" in the chorus, that's exactly what you do with the walking push-up. Bottom-half push-ups are a special move in this track.

There's a new square pattern in the agility track that's great fun and really works the group dynamic. It's also fantastic for training agility. This track is perfect for working on change of direction and time reaction and a great training drill for court sports like tennis, basketball or squash. The highlight of track 9 is the great turning knee combo where you really feel free to let go.

BODYATTACK 58 is full of energy, power and passion. Get into it!

In the education session, instructors get a better understanding of how to get the most from each track in the new release.