Get ready to work your entire body in BODYATTACK 59! In this release you'll build strength and stamina with new moves. Some are a variation of moves featured in the past, but you'll also be treated to some that have never been seen before. We work all around the body with a balance of moves that challenge the front, side and back.

Working around the room is also a focus with the U-Step Curl and Spin Curl Turns. Watch out for the new Hop Turn in Track 4. U Spin Me is the perfect track to accompany the Hop Turn which is set up from four runs and four hops, then it moves to the side and turns.

Conditioning your body with advanced training is another focus of this release. Track 5 sees an ultimate Pushup challenge issued - this time with a focus on the chest.

Some great themes run through this class. Have fun with Spiderman track where the Superman is a special point of difference, and reach your peaks with techno dance songs. The lyrics, the feel and the intensity of Track 7 make it a real highlight. You'll be motivated to push your heart rate sky high as you sing along to the high energy, playful Mambo track.

Really push your fitness levels and work on muscle conditioning in BODYATTACK 59!

In the education section, become a better running coach and learn to coach and role model all of the new moves competently and confidently.