BODYATTACK 60 is a celebration release! It's a party, so have fun and sing along to the great music. We're celebrating 15 years of BODYATTACK and all the people - members, instructors and trainers - who have been involved in the energy and passion of the program.

You'll feel that party atmosphere as soon as the uplifting, happy Warmup Track Come Into My World begins. BODYATTACK is a program for everybody and this song welcomes all participants to the workout.

Really enjoy the celebration with the dance style of Track 2, Don't Stop The Music, and let loose in Track 7 with the '60s style moves and funky vibe. Track 8, I Believe, is a truly inspiring, uplifting and motivating track - perfect to challenge yourself. So aim high and improve your fitness level and remember: nothing is impossible.

Give it your all in the last cardio track, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - the perfect song for the final peak. The moves are big and your heart rate will go through the roof as we celebrate 60 releases of BODYATTACK together.

Your lower body will burn during the Conditioning Track as there are five exercises in a row on the same side to really target the muscles of the leg and butt. But the upbeat song Shame, Shame, Shame by Celebration Libre will help keep a smile on your face right till the very end!