BODYATTACK 61 is a roller-coaster release - it's heaps of fun, has great sing-along moments and will really work your fitness levels!

The class opens with Faith, an uplifting and welcoming song giving you faith in the results that come from working hard. Look forward to the Side Step & Tap Combo which is new to the Warmup Track.

Break out that disco energy in Track 3 which features the innovative Double Knee Back & Single Knee Turning Combo, before being challenged in Track 4 with a fun new variation of the Lunge Leap - the Lunge Leap with Hamstring Curl. This activates the glutes and makes the move more dynamic.

Keep an eye out for the new Walking Pushup for core and shoulder strength in Track 5. The innovation in Track 10 is the Sumo Squat which will really get those glutes and hamstrings working.

And then there's the music! Get lost in the huge hit from Hairspray, You Can't Stop The Beat, and sing along to the show-stopping songs in the Agility Track - I Need A Miracle, and the Interval Track - We Belong. Start high, keep the energy up and go for gold in Track 9 which is a huge remix of Black Betty. This track is full steam ahead and has loads of power - you'll be inspired to rise to the BODYATTACK challenge!