The new class is challenging, with some exciting new moves and innovative training tools. And you even get the chance to cut loose and boogie in some of the tracks! There's a big focus on helping to build sport agility and speed and on teaching great leg technique to prevent knee injuries when jumping or using lateral movements. There are plenty of singalongs to create great atmosphere and to get those energy levels up, and the effort and intensity start to build from the get&go. Look forward to the Ski Jump Combo and the Tuck Jump in the Plyometric Track and free your body and your mind with the inspiring Paradise & Dreams in the Running Track. Then switch your focus to agility training with the relaxed number Mercy. The interval training track is a balance of boogie and hard-core energy to lift the heart rate and intensity, before fitness levels are pushed to the max in the Power Track, singing along to Just Like Paradise. Your mission is to finish on a high after another challenging BODYATTACK workout that's full of fun.