BODYATTACK 64 is the hero release!

It's all about finding the hero within - to be the very best you can be to improve your own fitness goals. It's bursting with innovations and great music to help you achieve your own superhero potential!

Mike Stone's cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water has you singing along and having fun from the beginning. Track 2 is all about different directions and has a new combo - the gallop & u-step curl. Your mission in track 3 is to have a great time with more energy! There are plenty of options and the song Do You Wanna Funk? provides a little funky fun. It's time to reach your Superman potential in track 4 with the superhero hop curl in the knee hops. This is your first peak so use maximum effort and maximum power while pulling your best hero pose. There's a new move - side step & jump. There's a new move in track 5 too - the crab crawl. This is a great way to improve core stability and shoulder strength so that you can do BODYATTACK forever! Katy Perry's Hot n Cold provides the inspiration you need to get through those 24 pushups in a row to finish the track! Get ready to fire out of the starting block in track 6 before the room is split in track 7 for some bootcamp-inspired training. Each team has a different exercise at the same time - the rules are to work at your own pace and intensity. Track 8 is all about interval training before track 9 - the dramatic peak of the second cardio fitness block. Here you become a fitness hero to the motivating song I Need A Hero. The pain doesn't let up in track 10 but remember - it's got to hurt to work!You use strength to define your legs with the triangle, before shaping and defining your abdomen to Rihanna's Disturbia which is the super-villain in this release.