BODYATTACK 65 is about challenging yourself and your members and providing enough options so everyone can achieve their personal best! The music will keep your energy levels high and you'll be moving continuously with hits from Fall Out Boy, Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga.

Thats Not My Name provides the perfect energy for track 2. This track has something for everyone with numerous options for both beginners and advanced members. You'll be on fire in track 3 with a huge amount of energy coming from big moves and big music. You'll reach your first peak with the new squat jump in track 4, Tubthumping, before hitting the upper body with the walking back and forward plank in track 5. This is a different way of conditioning the core and shoulder girdle stabilisers with gentle lengthening of the hamstrings as you move backwards and forwards. Sing along to Rhythm of the Night in track 6 while getting up close and personal with your members as the class comes together on the floor for the Running track. Theres work to be done in Track 7! Welcome on the tennis court! Be light and lifted jn the run and low and strong in the bounces, like you're waiting for a serve! Track 9 is challenging with the energy pumping all the way from start to finish but you'll be motivated to keep at it with the aptly named Jump. An awesome peak for an awesome result!