BODYATTACK 67 is about having fun and finishing the class together as a team! There's something for everybody, with lots of options available to suit your intensity level. The release is charged to the limit with high-energy, strong aerobic moves and sports-inspired flavors for you to enjoy and have fun with!

Once you get started you just can't stop! Chris Crew sums it up well with chart-topper Closer in the Warmup Track. The huge hit Release Me will motivate you to open your mind, release your body and start building your heart rate in Track 2.

Amp it up in Track 3! Turn up the energy and make the moves bigger in four blocks of work. There is a new combo consisting of three Knee Crossovers and two Single Knees. When you’re ready, add a turn! You'll finish off this track with 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks to Gimme More.

Surrender to the music and Rock It to your peak in the insanely intense Track 4. Single Lunges, High Knees and Jumping Jacks will push your heart rate through the roof! The options are there if you need them.

Come down to the floor to get some Boom Boom Pow in your shoulders, chest and triceps with Pushups, before getting ready for the second cardio block. First, be Number 1 on the studio floor and then it's off to soccer practice. The class splits into two squads for some agility training and football-inspired moves. You'll feel like a real star on the field! The question is – which team will win?

Get ready – you are now entering the high-energy phase of BODYATTACK! Take Me To The Clouds Above will inspire you to reach the clouds and take the intensity higher than you have ever been before!

Stay in the zone to push your body through Tuck Jumps, High Knees and Jumping Jacks, while singing along to the cover of The Cranberries’ monster hit Zombie, before moving the focus to strength, toning your legs with 1-Legged Squats, Repeaters and Lunges in Track 10.

Get down for some core work with Leg Extensions and Crunches before we say Goodbye.