High-octane fun and fitness combine as BODYATTACK™ celebrates its 70th release with a line-up of sweat-inducing singalongs, both old and new.

Track 3 pits you against the music, while introducing a new, exciting "Bow Tie" running pattern that explores all four corners of the room.

Basketball is the featured sport in this release, and you’ll be shooting hoops and mixing Power Lunges with a new jumping drill... step in, sideways, fade away, back to the start.

Track 5 is all about strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. You will "feel it" with a killer upper-body routine that brings in a new move - a plank with jack knife and walking feet out & in.

Another remixed golden oldie sees the class taking on each other in team running, then you’re back into the gym to hone all aspects of your basketball agility, a mix of lateral bounces (defense) and dodge & pass (offense).

Normally one of the toughest sections of any BODYATTACK™ class, Track 9 is still hard, but a surprise rock star impersonation, complete with dance moves and a little help from the local Les Mills faithful, lightens the mood.

Then it's time to reward your effort and support of the BODYATTACK™ program by blowing out candles on the anniversary cake!