Energy, passion, drive and challenge - BODYATTACK™ 74 has it all!

You've got 60 minutes to get a sweat up, to give your body and mind a great workout, and to prepare for the Life Of A Superstar.

A full-on Aerobic track will have you reaching higher and dropping deeper to get the heart pounding. If you need them, the low-impact options are always there to fall back on.

Your legs get an examination with an awesome Lunges/Squats power combo that really loads your legs and guarantees fast results.

As the spotlight switches to your upper body, Walking Burpees are an exciting new feature that will shape arms and shoulders like nothing else - except maybe a million Tricep Pushups.

You sure weren't Born This Way, but you're on the ‘right track' to a better you!

The Running track continues the sporting theme of this release. Drive out of the blocks with Sprint Starts - no false starts now.

If you're heading into winter, here's a chance to prepare for the mountain. Snowboarding drills will develop leg strength, while side-to-side skiing moves will test lateral agility and speed for zipping down the slopes.

Interval training gets you gasping again before reaching a second peak in the Power track. You'll feel the Grenade go off in your chest - kaboom!

Lower body conditioning helps maximize your performance in all other BODYATTACK™ exercises and as the music takes you Higher, you'll need to sink lower into your work.

Then, you're On The Floor, but it's not a dance floor. Instead, we attack your core with Leg Extensions, Side Planks and Crunches, before allowing you to reflect on your achievements of the past hour.

Well done, team!