We are convinced the more tapes we bring to you the closer we are to a 'Cirque Du Soleil' performance! Another magic tape from Molly blending the best of the Arts.

'Letting go' right from the opening TAI CHI track allows our body to accept the class at a deeper level sooner. Enjoy the wonderful addition to SUN SALUTATIONS that breaks the Swan Dive and brings strength into the legs while opening the torso. The 'Self Affirmation' track of the tape sites at 'STANDING STRENGTH' - Be Proud! Deceptively difficult, bring the grace of a ballerina and strength of a gymnast to the BALANCE track. High and low lunges do wonders on your HIPS and then lengthen your legs with beautiful stretches for the quadriceps. Our strongest CORE track yet has you scooping your belly to the strength of 'Moby'. Not to be outdone - the BACK track will have the whole length of your back stronger and more mobile. Three levels of TWISTS start working at your neck and gently work down towards the base of your spine. Allow the long, releasing holds of FORWARD BENDS to bring you down to a beautiful RELAXATION dedicated by Ann-See Yeoh from the UK and enjoy the TRANSITION back into your day with the mesmerizing theme from 'American Beauty'.

Enjoy bringing this beauteous choreography to life.