BODYBALANCE 19 - A higher level of consciousness is one of the gifts awaiting participants in the latest release of Les Mills' ground breaking mind-body class.

Also on offer are a rare state of inner calm and a challenging workout that will build both upper and lower body strength and deliver lasting benefits in terms of muscle tone and flexibility.

Following the now well established structure of BODYBALANCE, head choreographer Dr Jackie Mills has anchored the class in a Tai Chi warmup that helps class members to occupy their own physical and mental space.

Participants then become partners with gravity for the graceful yoga Sun Salutation and the power lunges to follow. The warrior poses and other elements of track #3 are superbly suited to the insistent beat of Kosheen's Hide U.

BODYBALANCE 19 picks up the pace for an uplifting hip track in mid-class, before moving into a challenging two-track Pilates section where class members discover the true extent of their core strength capability.

The Eurythmics classic 17 Again, provides familiar backing for a varied mix of stretches, while the ten-minute cooldown is an opportunity for the body to absorb the work of the class and for the mind to achieve serenity and peace. A great BODYBALANCE class.