While anchored firmly in the ancient disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi, BODYBALANCE remains indisputably a mind-body class for the 21st century. This great session adds up-to-the-minute flavours to the mix of classic moves and poses.

Head choreographer Dr Jackie Mills has taken the class into a new realm of serenity and peace. In BODYBALANCE 20 she invites everyone to explore this special space.

Elton John's, The One, is the moving theme for the tai chi warmup, with the initial wu chi position providing a departure point for 60 minutes of mental relaxation and stimulating physical challenge. A seamless transition into Yoga has class participants stretching into Sun Salutations and getting to work in a flowing sequence of evocative Lunges, Down Dogs, Up Dogs and Crocodile Poses.

Madonna and Shakira grace the early part of the playlist, while Robin Youngsmith's haunting piano sounds take the class evenly through the balance moves in track #4. Pilates comes into play for the core abdominal work. The funky, Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby, is an inspired selection for helping participants find their inner strength and stillness.

BODYBALANCE 20 heads for an all-time standout finish with magical sounds from Lord Of The Rings. Final stretches lead into a period of meditation and stillness before class members return, at peace, to the here and now. A great class that leaves participants feeling taller, stronger and better equipped for daily life.