Males and first-time participants are targeted in the latest BODYBALANCE release, as Les Mills builds on the soaring popularity of its mind-body fitness program. Head Choreographer Dr Jackie Mills has made the class as inclusive as possible to back up a worldwide promotional campaign.

he latest class offers newcomers a tempting taste of the Les Mills mind-body blend, with challenging moves to encourage the ever-increasing number of male participants. BODYBALANCE regulars meanwhile get a great new class from their favourite program. Jackie introduces BODYBALANCE 23 with a Joolz Gianni version of Summertime for a scene-setting tai chi warm-up.

A challenging mind-body stimulus follows with sun salutations and warrior poses from yoga executed to stunning sounds from Conjure One and Evanescence. Indian flavours from Rashni Punjaabi lead into U2's Miss Sarajevo featuring Pavarotti, with Kelly Price and Springsteen contributing standout tracks to take the class through Pilates core work.

Class members focus on mental balance in the latter part of the class, leaving with a sense of lengthened limbs and mental calm.