BODYBALANCE 24 will awaken some great memories among devotees of our groundbreaking mind-body program. But this class is not all about nostalgia - new choreography adds a fresh feel to the workout and combines with the music to leave you feeling taller, stronger and better equipped for daily life. Dr Jackie Mills has slowed the pace of the tai chi warmup, extracting full value from Moby's classic Porcelain, before moving onto the yoga-based tracks and more great sounds like Sting's Desert Rose, Heather Small's classic Proud and Paul Schwartz's Miserere - one of the alltime BODYBALANCE classics.

Check out the new hip-opening stretches as the class moves through Springtseen's Philadelphia and rise up for the challenge of the core work with Whitney Houston, J-Lo and Clark Anderson's So Amazing.

Cruisy, and often low-key, these classic sounds have come together in a great BODYBALANCE class.