Seamless continuity is the hallmark of this classic 'push, play and go' class. Participants move from one track to the next with little interruption to their concentration and focus. Yoga is the dominant exercise format in BODYBALANCE 25 with Tai Chi and Pilates again contributing to the mind-body experience that delivers an all-over body challenge and, at the same time, a real sense of fulfillment, serenity and calm.

Oscar winner Annie Lennox is Jackie Mills' inspired choice of artist to start the class. Jackie uses A Thousand Beautiful Things from Annie's latest album for the Tai Chi warmup where members find their center of gravity and let their tension evaporate through Qi Gung breathing and graceful Tai Chi moves. Sun salutations and a succession of yoga warrior poses move the class along, with a new 'reverse prayer' move complementing the more familiar warrior and triangle poses.

Participants are by now well prepared for balance moves choreographed to the music of Evanescence and for the hip-opening poses worked to White Flag - the first of two huge Dido hits included in this class. Participants pick up the work rate for the mid-class core conditioning tracks, pushing themselves or choosing from the options as they gain strength from the great sounds of The Black Eyed Peas and Michelle Branch. Dido's Life For Rent inspires some extended stretching and a Tai Chi centering move before the class winds down into a rewarding comfort zone.