Treat yourself! This class is your best antidote to stress and aging and a soothing balm for body and mind. Members will love the distinctly different constituent tracks and the benefits of a whole class that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts.

The new class is about big moves and big results and starts off in fitting style with a tai chi warmup worked around the calming Just A Dream. Then participants salute the sun in the first yoga track and strike their proudest warrior pose to the sound of Christina's moving Soar.

Carlos Santana adds his special magic to the playlist for the balance track, Curacion, and the workout intensifies through a great Pilates segment, featuring the Sugababes and Seal.

Choreographer Dr Jackie Mills brings Robbie Williams into the mix with his stirring Angels and the workout continues to challenge right through to the relaxation and meditation finale.

The new class comes with the new generic session and the final instalment of a four-part education program teaching BODYBALANCE technique.