Here's the new class guys! But this time our class has a bit of fun mixed into the familiar mind/body feel, especially in tracks 3 and 7.

I just adore the music we chose for BODYBALANCE 27, from the enchanting Dice from the hip new TV show "The OC" (which sends my teenagers into a frenzy every Friday night), to Lifted, Praise You (thanks Rod) and Show me Heaven finally moving Into the West, the haunting tune from "The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King"- a great movie! The two Relaxation tracks are beautifully soulful and also come from movies: "The Last Samurai" and "Blade Runner".

As usual we've got a bunch of great moves, informative instructions and a few much-too-close-ups on the video, which I ask you to try and ignore!

So lets take our new class as an excuse to lighten up a little, and of course keep helping our participants find what Yoga teacher Rodney Yee calls "The poetry of the body"

I really hope that you all enjoy learning and teaching this class as much as I've enjoyed creating it.