Each release promotes a different flavour so we have variety in our repertoire of classes. Release 28 is a strong, athletic class; however there are some beautiful tranquil moments interspersed throughout. We need to accentuate these - maximize the quietness in tracks 1,5,8 and 9.

The warm up is accompanied by George Michael's soothing Jesus to a Child. It has a 32 count Tai Chi sequence, repeated in the choruses which gives it more authenticity. Between Evenescence's dramatic standing strength track and the 'my abs will thank me later' core tracks, our hip openers are truly the eye of the storm. Moodswings' Spiritual High, with samples from Martin Luther King speeches is one of the most inspiring and beautiful songs we have ever used.

After an absence of three years Bird pose is back by popular request in track 6. Taught simply it gives a wonderful challenge and sense of achievement!