This class has a simple, uncluttered feel.

I am trying to advance the tai chi feel (as in class 28) in our warm-up. Sting's Stolen Car has a slow foot drag to teach people the strength and stability of a full weight shift and holding "an energy ball" is a traditional tai chi image which helps us create mind-body connection.

We can switch off and just enjoy the simple flow of a sun salutation as we accept Emerald Green's invitation to Make a Wish. For the third track, I've targeted a more beautiful, sensual feel with When You Smile by Patti la Belle.

My objective for the balance track was to experience silence and stillness during both challenging and more relaxing poses. It is good!

Core abdominals have a new feel with an old yoga technique of "Hara breathing" and Fat Boy Slim's The Joker is a pefect context for exercises from the Brazilian Pilates "Bikini Series" (appropriately named!)

Twists are performed to one of my all-time favourites: No Ordinary Thing by the Kiwi band, Opshop, ("My love, it is no ordinary thing?" how true!) and there is a new depth to stretching our hamstrings as Sinead O'Connor's One More Day plays.

I love this release and hope you do too.