Hi there teachers!

Welcome to our new class. We have some wonderful new moves to extend and challenge us and our class members, as well as some beautiful music to enhance our experience.

We start with a remake of Here With Me. The smooth, sensual Dido feel is perfect for Tai Chi. Then feel the intensity and power of the amazing Latin chant Ameno just flow through your body as you warm and energise in the sun salutation.

Anita's all-time favourite Balance track is focused, yet strong, and I am so All For Believing. What a beautiful song from Missy Higgins.

Adding a simple side bend into hip openers will have a profound effect on your flexibility. Enjoy!

I went somewhere different in Track 6. George Michael's Round Here is a cruisy, modern feeling, so just flow more into the move. Remember to set up each position well to get maximum benefit.

The physical workout holds on until the end of this class. Down dog twist becomes addictive after a while and the energy of Snow Patrol's Run really calls for a standing split!

The title of our Relaxation/Meditation is Benediction; A Mass For Peace - my sentiments exactly.

So: BODYBALANCE regularly, smile soulfully and love interestingly; make our world a better place.


Jackie x

PS Many thanks to Claudy (Les Mills France) for my beautiful clothing from her 2005 collection.