Hi teachers

This release shows the wonderful places we can go with the tracks while staying within the established structure of the programme.

The new class will provide a great introduction to BODYBALANCE for new participants and yet have a real fresh new feel for regulars. I think the key feature this time is the huge diversity in the music. It gives us the freedom to deliver a really memorable BODYBALANCE experience.

Our warm-up sets up the class with a series of Tai Chi moves that bring everyone into the moment - you can't think of anything else, so it really focuses us for the rest of the class.

The Celtic violin in Sinead O'Connor's Release brings an almost primal feel to the sun salutations and an indication of a really special class to come. The next innovation is revolved triangle pose in the standing strength track. This is a more advanced yoga move but very "doable" given the focus our participants have achieved by this stage - it's also fully optioned.

The next track is all about the song - the simple balance sequence enables us to become immersed in the divine lyrics of Moby's Love Should.

Jessica Simpson's Take My Breath Away also has a warm and open feel. My friend Fabio Abrantes from Portugal says he "just feels love" by this stage of the class.

The core section is about strength and challenge and an absolute contrast with the previous tracks. We've gone somewhere really different musically with Track 8. Nina Simone's Feeling Good is just exquisite.

Tai Chi from Track 1 repeats in the hamstrings track, just as so many of you have requested.

Then the scripting is all-important for our relaxation. Together with some beautiful music, it will take our participants to a profound stillness and the end of this magic class.