Holding some poses for a longer time gives this new class a really different feel. It also has a special focus on hip openers and hamstrings.

As instructors we can take time to teach to a higher level of technique, enabling our class members to get a deeper experience of the workout. Also, by teaching a calm steady eye gaze and focusing on their breathing, class members will be able to hold the poses more comfortably and thus gain benefit to their strength and flexibility.

The result is a very rewarding experience and an intense feeling of serenity.

Our t'ai chi warm-up provides one of the real highlights, with two new t'ai chi moves that flow beautifully to the sound of Sting, Taking the Inside Rail.

Standing strength is another standout track where we hold and extend the poses. Sink deeply into the challenge and find some motivation from Seal's take on the great classic, Walk On By!

I would also nominate the new track nine for special mention. We bring back the t'ai chi from the warm-up which promotes a meditative quality alongside long held poses and an amazing remake of Center of the Sun, from Conjure One.

I just love this class.