This class has a different feel right from the start. New moves and flavours produce a class that's energetic and challenging but also full of the joy and satisfaction of Les Mills' unique mind/body experience. Teachers and members will love exploring the diversity and richness of the new release every time they take this class.

Conjure One provides some intriguing, otherworldly sounds for the t'ai chi warm-up with their inspiring Pilgrimage, before we strengthen and lengthen through the sun salutations.

BODYBALANCE then moves to a different place, with Beautiful from Moby inspiring a little more energy and action than usual with its rock-like feel. UK saxophonist Joolz Gianni contributes a great calming sound to the Stranger in Paradise theme in the balance track and we have introduced an interesting new move in the hip openers. Participants work deep into the core with Primal Scream and work through some new leg extensions with veteran rockers Santana. Especially satisfying for many will be the meditation and relaxation track. Time here to reflect on a great workout and a balanced approach to life.