Sustained challenge in the workout and succession of cool, hip songs are the standout feature of this new class. Participants can expect to see results in improved strength and flexibility and in leaving the class feeling satisfied, centered and calm.

Jackie has structured the class to give members plenty of time to develop the poses - some of the new - and the time to feel the full benefits of Yoga. She has also choreographed a challenging, though fully optioned workout from start to finish so don't expect an easy journey!!!

The new class opens with a repeated sequence in the tai chi warm up to familar sounds of Anne Lennox and the Eurythmics. Immersing yourself in the tai chi feel provides a great foundation for the physical demands to follow.

Shivaree's Good Night Moon brings a different, almost quirky feel to the sun salutations, with the longest ever BODYBALANCE track to follow in the form of God's Top Ten from Inxs. Many participants have rated this highlight of the class.

A challenging balance track introduces a strong dance dimension to the class, while modified stretches in the hip openers are another popular feature, suprising some participants with the flexibility they can achieve.

Slow, controlled moves are used to work the deep and superficial abdominals in track 6, with a new dolphin pose among the moves mobilizing the shoulders - and promoting great posture - in seven. The return of the tai chi for the twists is a pleasing BODYBALANCE innovation and watch out for the new moves in track 9. Stretching the inner and outer thighs as well as the hamstrings is a stings in the tail.

Beautiful songs from Daniel Otsuka and Stephen Rhodes round out the class with a rewarding period relaxation, peace and focus.