Continuous flow from track to track is the key to this class. It enables members to stay focused throughout and even "lose themselves" a little in the course of the hour. Great flow also encourages participants to go deeply into the moves and breathing, heightening the workout and the resulting sense of satisfaction and calm.

Jackie has introduced a new feel to the tai chi warm-up, using a Wu form which is closer to martial arts. The slicing and blocking moves are simple, strong and expressive, leaving members fully zoned into class by the end of track two. Winter in July and Wild Butterfly are two fabulous songs to carry the opening stages of the class. Fully engaged by now, members work hard through the standing strength track to the empowering The River from Live, and take on a further challenge in variations to the eagle pose variations in the balances. Again, we have incredible music as we work the legs and arms to challenge the body. BODYBALANCE 35 goes back to basics for the core work (at your request!) - the simple moves recruit and strengthen the target muscles as the core work peaks with the hugely inspirational song, You Got the Love. Pink's Nobody KNows is a definate musical highlight at the twists track, with yet another to follow in the form of the evocative New Zealand song, Bathe in the River - this is Jackie's favourite.

The class concludes with 11 minutes of relaxation and meditation and feelings of serenity and calm for all.