The flow is seamless from start to finish and the music is as good as it gets in a new class that Jackie has packed full of novelty, opportunity and challenge. Watch out for new stretches and poses, a big dose of Pilates and a Tai Chi component that's big and expressive but also centering and warming.

Expansive sweeps and stretches characterize the Tai Chi Warmup and have members smiling in anticipation of the workout to come. The Warmup happens to the beautiful 7 Seconds from Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry, with Conjure One's Face the Music to follow for the sun salutations.

Enjoy the deep stretching in the standing strength and breathing focus in the Balance Track. Then make the most of the fantastic new hip stretch to the Pop-Rock hit song, Chasing Cars, from Snow Patrol.

Track 7 is a complete back and core workout and an undoubted class highlight, with plenty of options and interest in the moves and great music in the form of INXS's Afterglow.

Big twists come with the big, warm sound of Hurt, from Christina Aguilera and we revisit Tai Chi in Track 9, ahead of Relaxation and Meditation with Rivers Run Deep and Stuart Jones's soothing, inspirational Together in Love.