Extra songs provide a musical bonus in Tracks 3 and 9 but also extend the workout in a class that's not only challenging and athletic but also deeply calming and restorative.

Strong contrast in the music adds further to the richness of the experience, concluding with the profoundly calming "psycho-acoustics" of pioneering mind-body therapist Andrew Weil, M.D.

The new class starts with a traditional Tai Chi warm-up to quickly dispatch the cares of the day. The blocks, swings, wraps and reaches bring the breathing into focus and anticipate the workout to come.

Sun salutations are expansive and expressive in this release, with big lunges promoting an extra stretch in the hips, chest and shoulders.

Then Heather Small and Evanescence provide powerful music to help us through the standing strength with determination - and a little attitude to boot.

The balance track is calm and still, with a chance to have some fun with the Tree Pose challenge.

Then we take time to stretch through the hips and allow the stiff muscles around the joints to relax before taking the work to the abdominals and mid-back for stability and posture.

Members will love powering up their Stand Split Pose with an exquisite James Morrison song in the Forward Folds and stretching deeply with Paul Schwartz in the second part of the track. The final meditation to follow is rewarding and serene.