This class takes the program to a different space. It has intense stillness, great focus and power and a rich new combination of moves and poses. A different feel in the tai chi warm up sets the tone for the new release. A stroking move in the arms and shoulders relaxes and connects you to your body.

Nonpoint's cover of Phil Collins' classic In The Air Tonight brings a martial arts feel to the standing strength track and will really energize your body and breath. It features the "tiger's mouth" hand position for building strength in the arms.

The two pieces of music used for balance: Evanescence's Lithium and India.Arie's Ready For Love are quite different but give a perfect combination of strength and calm. A beautiful new pose stretches the front of the leg and hip while strengthening the butt and back.

Pilates is at its Group Fitness best in track 6. Throughout the core work the focus is to move very slowly. This means we can build strength and tone safely and it feels wonderful.

There are two songs for the twists: the classic I'll Stand By You which gives us the opportunity to stand tall in each twist pose and Shadowfeet by popular Kiwi artist Brooke Fraser. This track combines twists and forward folds for a very harmonious feel.

The final song Hide And Seek definitely becomes a musical highlight and the exciting new Marichi Pose makes its debut.

Open your mind to experience BODYBALANCE 38 and your body will feel very balanced.

BODYBALANCE education discusses and teaches the new poses to enable instructors to effectively teach them to their participants.