This release starts from a different dynamic with the mat placed lengthwise down the room. The focus is on warming and mobilising shoulders and legs in a music and movement combination that feels incredible.

Smooth, hip sounds from Groove Armada accompany the smooth combo move of 3 Legged Dog to Knee to Chest Pose in Track 2. This is followed by a track based on Warrior 2. Here we deepen into better alignment and feel the benefits of both strength and flexibility gains. Special thanks to those who suggested the song Breathe in Track 4. This creates a beautiful template for the balance poses.

The music and lyrics of John Legend's Show Me provide a quiet focus with lots of options to deepen the stretches through into Track 6 which furthers the theme of slow pilates moves to build optimal strength and tone to midsections.

The Compass Pose makes its debut in Track 8. This stretches our inner thighs and twists out our spines. You will discover how fun and achievable it is to bring your leg behind your shoulder!

Sounds of orchestra, choir and soulful harmonies are perfect to stretch deeply and to quieten into in Track 9. A new option here is the Splits Pose which is a superb leg stretch.

The stillness of Immerstress 2 by Andre Garceau and Bruno Lachini allow for deep relaxation or meditation, whichever you choose. The class finishes in a truly restful, restorative way with the contemplative notes of Russel Walders' The Breathing of the World.