You'll relax into the familiar sound of My Friend for the simple Tai Chi Warmup in BODYBALANCE 40. A mesmerizing Sun Salutations Track follows which enhances a breath and movement connection. Joss Stone provides a smooth and sensual accompaniment for the Standing Strength Track. At 8 minutes there's plenty of time during this song to breathe and lengthen.

Track 4 is very graceful and tranquil but challenging with the new position, Twisting Star Pose, evolving into a series of twisting balances. Linger is the name of Track 5 and that's exactly what we do, with new options to deepen into the stretches.

There are two Core Abdominal Tracks in this release - the first is Pilates based and lots of fun! The second is an instrumental version of Kanye West's Stronger. The only words are "harder, better, faster, STRONGER" - gutsy, motivating lyrics to match the moves. The Core Back Track is Yoga based and has a new feeling, using breath to elevate back strength when moving in Cobra Pose and Bow Pose.

There are also two Twist Tracks. The first uplifting and the second, quiet and seated, bringing the focus of the class down before the release highlight, Track 9. Des'ree's I'm Kissing You is such a beautiful, internal, emotional song that it simply had to be heard in this class again!