BODYBALANCE 41 is an innovative release. The Tai Chi Warmup is expressive and dramatic in both the movements and the music. This carries you into the very different Sun Salutations Track combining an uplifting Celtic sound, courtesy of Irish folk singer Moya Brennan and an energetically structured Sun Salutation sequence.

Reaching new depths early in the class allows you to surrender into the powerfully emotive Tracks 3, 4 and 5. You'll reach new levels of strength and awareness in the Core Tracks which include the fun new move - The Pilates 100's. Then settle into a state of peace for the Twists and Forward Bends.

The music in this release is truly inspirational. There is a soulful start with Sarah McLachlan's Silence. You move through a series of expressive poses to Annie Lennox's deep, heartfelt Dark Road, sing along to Alicia Keys' popular hit No One and let Moby's 18 wash over you as you flow smoothly from one pose to another. The class finishes with Presence from Ty Burhoe's incredible CD 'Invocation'.