Welcome to BODYBALANCE 42.

This class has a wonderful flowing quality and comes together as a complete package that's greater than the sum of its parts. You'll love getting lost in the beautiful music and the huge variety of moves and poses. They provide a challenging workout for the body and soothing, liberating therapy for the mind and spirit.

Moya Brennan's fabulous love theme from the movie The Last Of The Mohicans opens the class, creating a T'ai Chi Warmup that's perfect for bringing you out of your day and into your body. The Shiva Salutation in the Sun Salutations is an expansive, warming experience where you are fully immersed in breath and movement, and you'll find new alignment in your poses in our Standing Strength Track, performed to a gutsy, lyrical song from the Sugababes' new album. Setting a strong foundation is the key to the challenging, but really rewarding, Balance Track, and a smooth sensual song from Delerium helps you surrender into the Hip Openers. A highlight comes with the Forward Bends. You'll love the song Sleep from Conjure One, and the flow of the moves.

BODYBALANCE 42 takes the program to a new space with something for everyone. So get ready for something special!