BODYBALANCE™ is turning 50 and it has never been better, with a sublime blend of music and choreography that takes you deep into the Yoga experience.

Track 1 warms up as we ease through a series of simple moves to the deep tribal feel of Soldier Of Love.

Standing strength will have you stretching to new limits with a reworked expression of the Warrior 1 stretch - the lateral bend. Fortunately, anything seems possible with the track Breakeven.

Track 4 introduces Ujjayi breathing, which is new to BODYBALANCE™, but a fundamental practice in yoga. Imagine your throat narrowing as you use the technique to release stress and calm your body.

The two core tracks get straight to the point and are focused on what they do best - working the abdominals and back before Please Don't Stop The Rain leads us into a down dog twist in Track 8. This is an advanced move, but give it a try. The feeling you get when you master this is incredible - you're grounded on one arm and get a beautiful twist through the spine.

There's plenty of drama in the forward bends - with a dramatic move to match - and then the emotion of A Hundred Thousand Angels provides the perfect bridge into the final Relaxation.