BODYCOMBAT 14 - Enemies of fitness beware! BODYCOMBAT 14 provides class members with new, powerful ways with which to defeat you.

A combined upper and lower body warmup track gets fighters ready for action in double-quick time in our latest release, while a whole new martial art adds to their weaponry mid-way through the class.

Our superstar choreo team of Natha and Gaby Leivas have introduced the ancient Thai martial art of Muay Thai to BODYCOMBAT, bringing its deadly elbow chops and knee kicks into play.

The changes have raised the fun factor to a new high, while maintaining BODYCOMBAT?s renowned workout intensity.

Great sounds play their usual part in the BODYCOMBAT experience, with a remix of Duran Duran?s Wild Boys classic providing high-energy backing for the new warmup.

The theme to Spiderman gives everyone the power to climb walls, while a revved up version of the William Tell Overture moves the action into overdrive.

A standout Alicia Keys cooldown track draws on Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Kung and completes a BODYCOMBAT classic that will have class members screaming for more.