Make a date with your demons and deal to them big-time with BODYCOMBAT 15. This class is the ultimate way to blow off steam.

With its new warmup format and new Muay Thai section, our martial arts based program provides the perfect platform for a rounded, full-body workout.

Class members experience the mystery and power of a range of self-defence disciplines while burning fat with a music-inspired cardio blast. The kicks and punches are clear and easy to follow, allowing maximum energy output.

Great music is key to this class and fighters will respond with intensity to a remix of the Mission Impossible theme in the first Combat track.

Sweet Dreams is the cue for splitting the class mid-way through, while a Karuzo version of O Sole Mio provides an inspiring backdrop to a high-powered sequence of katas, knees and kicks.

Choreographers Natha and Gaby Leivas keep the fun factor high with the Muay Thai Combat track. The elbow becomes a versatile weapon of war under their expert instruction.

The class winds down to some great Elvis Presley sounds in track #9, setting up a great Cooldown track to the tune of Prince's Purple Rain.

A classic version of the world's most popular combative workout class.