Light the fuse and stand well back! This firecracker class is about to explode across the fitness world.

BODYCOMBAT 18 is the ultimate way to get fighting fit. Great sounds from the hottest playlists on the planet, combined with the most athletic moves from karate, boxing and tai chi. Natha and Gaby Leivas have produced another great version of the classic martial arts-based workout, keeping the moves simple but guaranteed to deliver results.

Our new class rocks from the start, with the familiar sounds backing the extended warm-up sequence of uppercuts, jabs, crosses and kicks. Then it?s time to get serious in a succession of combat and power training tracks that send the heart-rate into overdrive.

Class members will love the variation in fighting techniques, including the hugely popular Muay Thai track that now forms part of every class. The Thai-based focus on elbows and knees is a great complement to more familiar kicks and punches. Fighters will be drawing on all their energy reserves for this class as they find the motivation to produce their personal peak performance.

Enemies of fitness beware!