A landmark class in more ways than one, BODYCOMBAT 21 is set to explode onto the Les Mills world. The new release is the first from our new choreography team of Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham and marks a stunning debut by the super-talented pair.

Dan and Rach have produced a milestone mix that showcases its constituent martial arts, while providing a memorable fitness experience for instructors and members alike.

Anchoring the class in an extended warm-up, Dan and Rach hit the novelty button with a lethal treble roundhouse in the first combat track. Their music selection is equally inspired - Meatloaf's Dead Ringer For Love is a highlight for the split-room interaction, while Take My Breath Away inspires a great back-kick combination in your mid-class battle with two opponents.

Prince of Darkness and Somebody to Love power up the final training and conditioning tracks respectively before Dan and Rach roll out the Top Gun Anthem for a truly awesome cooldown.

Instructor education resources include the new generic session and a special session coaching BODYCOMBAT technique.