BODYCOMBAT presenters take on the look of a police SWAT team to demonstrate the new class and come well equipped with their own array of Special Weapons and Tactics. The new release is an all-out assault on the enemies of fitness.

Continuity is the keynote of this great new class, as choreographers Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham keep downtime to a minimum to maximise the workout. The result is a smooth flowing class that keeps the heart rate up throughout, while retaining all the richness and authenticity of the BODYCOMBAT experience.

Dan and Rach set the scene with an uplifting full-body warm up and roll out a lethal combination of karate punches and roundhouse kicks in the first combat track. Prepare for an explosive split-room battle midway through the class and stand by for a trip to "boogie wonderland" in another surprise package in the third combat track.

Frenzied fighting continues in the "land of the Muay Thai warrior" with weapons including dynamic punches, heavy elbows and an arsenal of knee strikes. A power training endurance test follows with plenty of speedballs, jabs and hooks.

Apollo 440's Stop The Rock fuels a pure abdominals workout and fighters stretch out with a beautiful tai chi kata.