Be a contender - not a pretender. The new BODYCOMBAT class is an invitation to ten-rounds of explosive fitness fun.

Program Directors Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham have chosen a military boxing theme for the new release. Fighters train hard in a boot camp setting and do battle with their foes in an army boxing ring.

But BODYCOMBAT remains the "main event", providing all the elements of the classic Les Mills martial arts programme.

Fighters don't waste a second as the new class takes them straight to their personal training zone. A great kata sequence in the warm-up helps focus on technique and well-cued moves get the muscles ready for the full-on action to follow.

Then the boxing theme kicks in, with footwork training and full array of punches and kicks. Watch out for the circuit-based workout midway through the class and jump to the command of the parade ground sergeant-major.

Eastern culture comes to the fore in a gruelling mix of Muay Thai strikes. Then it's time to let out all the emotion in the interval training track.

Dan and Rach introduce a wicked chest challenge and an abdominals innovation to the conditioning work before winding up the fight with a great cooldown.