Greetings, fitness fighters!

This class comes to you from the home of martial arts and captures the true essence of our programme - it's about working together as a team with the power of shared vision, respect and courage.

In BODYCOMBAT 25 we go to war in a series of 10 battles designed to maximise the mental and physical workout through the power of the music and moves.

Warriors warm up in two opening battles that set the scene for the action to follow - watch out for the outer leg block feature that's also seen later in the Muay Thai track.

Then the combat starts in earnest in a track that's all about Kickin' Hard and dropping a wicked elbow strike on to your opponent from a great height.

Fighters search deeply for their inner warrior in Battle #4. Refocus and re-energise in the soft kata to reap the rewards of the kick kata.

Speed, coordination and power are key to the next battle, with a recovery to follow before a Muay Thai encounter that features a short, sharp body hook and the motivational power of Electro Violence.

Crescendos Of Ecstasy takes the fight to a final power peak - this battle leaves you with nothing left to give.

Then it's time to hit the abs and glutes and restore peace to the world with a well-earned stretch.

Have fun with the class guys, and don't forget - think, move and act like a fighter!

Dan and Rach