Fighters take to the streets in our new class - but this is no brawl. Great technique and controlled power are key to disposing of the enemies of fitness.

The new release is all about grounding ourselves in a well-balanced stance; then unleashing a barrage of precise hand and foot strikes.

With all the moves closely linked to the choreography, the motivational effect is immense and the result is a full-body workout that takes everyone on a fast-track towards their fitness goals.

Starting well is all-important and our warm-up provides a firm foundation for the combat to come as fighters duck, weave and block to ensure their defence.

Then it's time to take the fight to the enemy with lethal punching and kicking combinations, inspirational katas and recovery phases.

Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting is a mid-class highlight of the new release, with new moves also adding to the BODYCOMBAT experience.

Smash your opponent in the Muay Thai track and make the most of the final power track. Remember: it's short-term pain for long-term gain.

Go get 'em fighters!