Continuity and flow are key to this class. The action keeps coming and the exercise intensity continues through an empowering workout where focused fighters give their all.

A mixed martial arts warm-up focuses the mind on combat and prepares both the upper and lower body. Let the fight commence! Then fighters mix it up with combinations, including the stinging roundhouse and karate blocks, to confuse their opponent and seize the advantage.

Jabs and crosses are all the go for the first power training track and jump kicks are back in the house big-time to help you deal with two opponents. Fighters form a circle to experience a boxer's training regime and go back to basics to master their punching technique.

Later, we have a special focus on the leg-conditioning kick kata. Kick slow with control first so you can really unleash when push comes to shove. The gloves come off for the Muay Thai track. This is where the intensity peaks before we move into a gruelling abdominals-only workout.

Then it's time to cool down safely with some extended stretching and wind up another awesome BODYCOMBAT experience. Don't forget: keep it real and stay with the fight!