Time to unleash your best shots in this awesome new release, its where the old school of martial arts meets the new generation of Group Fitness!!

Dan and Rach have chosen the old school theme to highlight the origional strikes and training techniques from the various martial arts disciplines in BODYCOMBAT.

The objective is correct execution of the moves and the result a smooth flowing, calorie busting class with alternating upper and lower body focus. Fighters get plenty of cues to master the moves and hit the target zones safely and effectively.

So roll up your sleeves, take off your jacket and step into our "Gentleman's Club Of Boxing". Once again the warm up is all important for getting into the Combat Zone and getting both upper and lower body attuned for the action to come. Then we get our first taste of action with a thumping combat track built around a great rock song and the explosive disispline of Karate. Jabs and scissors and old school sounds are in the house for the first power track, with a jump kick combo a highlight in store when the fight resumes. Speedballs, skipping and running are part of our high intensity training regime and as always Muay Thia is where fighters go hell for leathe in a towering combat peak.

So join the action, have fun and remember the BODYCOMBAT motto: Keep it real and stay with the fight.